So why do I get suppositious of any women I ever meet in person who say she like me?

I feel like they only are after money and they'll leave me as soon they get a cheek or shopping spree.

I didn't this in till I got and needed to support myself.

I've had no faith lately that anyone would like me for me but money. they all say they need guy with a job.


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  • Find you a girl with a job and generally aim a little higher with the kind of behavior you tolerate.


What Guys Said 1

  • You're not alone. I know a lot of guys who've been burnt so badly by women, they immediately question the motives of a woman who expresses interest in them. In the interest of free, honest discussion, I've found myself doing this as well in the past. It's a defense mechanism. Guys don't want to be used & settled for, & normally we ourselves are the ones who truly have our best interest at heart. Nothing wrong with being cautious. Just don't take it out on the girl, as her intentions may very well be because she genuinely likes who you are.