Do I creep her out now?

I just can't seem to pin her down. She's always known I like her since we first hung out and still hung out more despite that. A bit of time went by where I fell off the face of the earth because of my job. Well I went to her work to get some food and She was all happy to see me and mentioned doing something sometime. Well we haven't figured out a time yet but every time I've seen her since then it seemed she'd get more nervous yet she'd be the one coming to me to initiate and mention spending time. Now last night I seen her and when in her presence she seemed so nervous and not that talkative but I had some smiles from her when I looked at her and looked kinda stiff with restless leg syndrome mostly messing with her phone. When I was talking with our mutual friend. Whys she doing this All of a sudden? She's usually more talkative. Hell I tried to kiss her once a long time ago and it didn't bother her and I'm not really even coming on as strong this time...


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  • i think at the time she didn't really like you until like now because you said that she seemed nervous and not ery talkative that how i was with my crush because some girls are just shy and i smile a lot and get nervous to when im around someone i like because when u think about why else would she be so nervous around you all of a sudden

    • Thanks I was worried it was because she's known about my feelings and I make her feel uncomfortable but maybe your right. maybe I should make a move?


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  • Maybe she has problems about her job, family or more personal. Before taking personally, try to ask her.

    • Well she just has acted so different when I'm there otherwise she's all happy social and normal with other people. I can see she always notices I'm there and see her look at me and all from across the room from side vision just I don't know why it's when I come by

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    • Maybe she's unsure about her feelings? It's best to talk openly.

    • Ok thank you, very much appreciated :)

  • Looks like she likes you and is nervous around you.


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  • just ask her out man. looks like to me she really likes hence that why she is nervous so go for it