Should I still continue trying with this guy?

so there's this guy i've been friends with for almost a year now. i been liking him ever since i met him which is a pretty long time.. almost a year, dude. and i haven't gotten over him at all. Like i know this sounds like a bad decision but i've actually gotten into 2 relationships in the past few months in order to try to move on from him. that didn't work. in fact, it only made me want him more.. after being friends for so long he wanted to "do stuff" with me.. he kept making excuses saying he'll ask me out but only if i do a certain thing for him. like have sex... or even give him money :/ I'm only 17 so i can't really say i know much about boys and their weird ways to get girls.. but I don't know i thought maybe he was serious so i didn't have sex but we kinda did oral... and he said until we can go all the way thats when him and i will become a thing. later i found out he was dealing with 4 other girls.. all those girls found out and then he dropped all 3 of them for 1 that i guess he really liked. they're currently going out and i haven't heard from him in at least 4 months until recently, literally about 2 or 3 days ago when he decided to text me. and he's being real nice all of a sudden.. like he missed me and wants to be friends again. i can't lie, i was pretty happy i finally got to talk to him again. and also pretty happy because apparently we're friends again. i rather not have him as a boyfriend than to lose him at all.. at least thats just how much i care about him even though i know he practically used me. but its weird.. i hate him for what he done to me, yet i still love him to death. but I don't know if i should continue waiting for him like until him and his gf eventually break up.. even though i probably still won't have a chance :\ or should i just continue being his friend so i wouldn't lose him completely? help asap. very confused with my feelings. :(


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  • it sounds like he just wants to hook up with you. he had 3 of 4 girls and you then stopped talking to all of them. now he is texting again. id feel like it will just be the same. I wouldn't want a serious relationship with him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Girl :( you probably don't want to hear this but, you need to try harder to get over him. He's an asshole & guys like that are never into real relationships. You deserve to be happy, & if you want to keep him as a friend, it's okay do it.. try not to talk to him that often, when he texts you, ignore his text, & maybe reply 2hrs later or until next day, make him feel bad knowing that he can't play w/ you anymore. Don't let him use you, or treat you like that, & when you start doing that, everything will be so much easier.. you deserve better ♡