Why hasn't she got back to me?

If you asked a girl out and she yes and seemed excited like she is smiling. Whent you try to setup a date but she works that weekend and says that she could probably do the next weekend but hasn't got her work schedule. I said get back to me when you find and she for sure thanks. It's thirst morning and I haven't hears back. Do you think she hasn't got her schedule? We are both in college.


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  • She probably hasn't gotten her schedule yet, sweetie, give this And her a chance... I think if she really wants to 'Setup a date' with You and was Seemingly 'Excited,' she won't put you on her pay no mind list, but instead, get back to you with plans perhaps for next weekend, penciling you in.
    If you don't hear from her, don't pressure her by pushing any buttons on your end. You have done your own job by Initiating 'Asked a girl out.' It's her turn to do a bit of leg work on her own end.
    However, if you don't Hear back or just get these same lame duck excuses, move on to someone who cares enough to send you her very best in a message who not only has time But----Makes the time.
    Good luck. xx

    • I know I'm trying it's just hard because I got excited and have worked hard to plan a date out that I thought would be fun. Like I said I'm pretty sure she was excited she didn't have to think about it at all, no hesitation and SHE made sure we had each other's numbers. Thanks for your response

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    • Yes of course. Once again thank you for your kind and helpful words. She never got back to me which bums me out but what can ya do right?

    • Oh, I am so sorry, however, move on then, as I say, someone is better for you out there.. Happy holidays.:)) xx


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  • What i do is if the girl doesn't get back to me, i leave it for awhile. Closer to the time, i send her a message, asking her out AGAIN as though i didn't the first time. i never push it, and i don't remind her, because if she has to be reminded, then she ain't that great of a catch. Most likely she is waiting to see what you would do, so by asking her out again like it's the first time you're asking her, not only are you NOT pushing it or acting as her "Diary", but you're also showing that you are still interested in seeing her.

    Of course, after 3 or more refusals, i just drop the whole thing and move on to the next one when i find it...

  • What can you do but wait... worst case.. send a reminder. She could have been caught up in something...(or on someone :) )

    • Hahaha that actually made me laugh but not cool man

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    • I'm not blaming you haha just saying it did made me laugh and made me feel better

    • again... that was the point.

  • She's busy... just sit it out.