Should I text him? Or wait for another day until he texts me? Will he even text me?

So I've been talking to this guy called Julian for a while now. I met him at the gym and we talked for hours the first time we met, which is so strange because I'm quite shy. It all just seemed so natural. I didn't see him there in a few weeks so I added him on Facebook, and he started talking to me the next day. I asked him for his phone number, and we texted. The next day I text him again and we have a long conversation, after an hour or so he asks me out on a date this Saturday. We're going indoor climbing because we're both into sports etc. The next day I wait until he texts me. I still have to know the address so he would have a valid reason? Anyway, he didn't text me. Today he didn't text me either, so that's 2 days.

Should I text him and ask him about the address and maybe if he seems like he wants to, just have a convo, or is it clingy to do that? I don't want to seem obsessed or desperate, because I'm not, it just seems strange to me that he doesn't talk to me after he asked me out? Maybe he's waiting for me to text? Does he think about this as well? Maybe he's just busy? Maybe he's just not that into me? I'm not sure what to do... I don't want him to think I'm desperate, but the date is in two days and I just want to know a little bit more about him and get comfortable before then? Hmm... What should I do?


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  • You have a good reason to text him since you need the adress as you said. So you won't come off as clingy if you ask him about that. Go ahead. And depending on his response you can see if it seems appropriate to start a conversation. If he answers with a short and to the point reply then its probably better to not start a long conversation.


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  • call or Text him its not clingy, by the way a date is where you get to know and get confortable with a person. He smartly withholding having a conversation so you two have things to actually talk about in the date.


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  • Honestly I would not text him. I'm a lot like you and I tend to be the one who initiates contact and it gets me screwed over a lot.. Guys like girls who are hard to get.. be careless.. and if a guy likes you.. trust me he will let you know