What do you really think about intelligence?

I know a lot of women say they find intelligence attractive, but I was curious about how many actually do and how many say they do because people are "supposed to". Is there a threshold where being too smart is unattractive or is it about having the right career? It seems when it comes down to it, people don't really care about true intelligence, only associated intelligence for attraction. For example I'm a physics major with plans for obtaining a PhD. I really don't see many women finding physicists attractive (for the record I'm not saying I deserve a medal or attention, just that many physicists seen only as nerds and are not attractive), but a medical doctor would be found extremely attractive by many women because of their intelligence.


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  • Women/Girls do like intelligence although it depends how it comes across... you still have to be relatable, and you have to not come off as condescending AND you especially have to avoid coming off as arrogant. I personally don't rate intelligence purely on studies... Yes sometimes someone studying a more complicated subject can naturally be more intelligent but there are people who work very hard to get up to the standard for that field... they won't be naturally at that point. It's the same as having a degree, companies hire people with degrees based upon their potential to be able to do a job... there is no actual guarantee that they will indeed be able to do it. Intelligence can be hard to class, you could know a lot about a subject that many people find hard, but you could struggle with everything else in the world.

    • That's a fair point. I'm more of talking about a first reaction sort of thing though. You could be fine and be friendly and get along with someone and then they find out you're a physics major and people are just like oh... Or a disinterested "that's hard."Or something awkward about them hating high school physics (which is a joke). Generally speaking if you have a degree in physics you aren't stupid. I don't think most people would manage well with quantum mechanics or electrodynamics.

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  • Intelligence is necessary not just because it is attractive but because I value intelligence and enjoy being able to have an intellectual conversation with my partner and be able to learn things from them. My boyfriend is very into physics and intends to become an engineer and I think it is amazing and there is nothing better than seeing my boyfriend talk about physics and seeing the passion he has for it even if I don't understand everything he is saying. But the threshold is when they become like Sheldon Cooper. :p

    • Honestly there aren't many Sheldon Coopers lol. I don't know if people always associate physicists with people like Sheldon, but I rarely find women who think physicists are cool. For the record I have to say they really don't portray Sheldon being all that bright. I really don't watch it that often but when I do I see him getting fundamental force problem wrong lol.

  • Rational intelligence is superior in my book. If someone interested in something passionately and even obsessively, that also attracts me. But it's best to improve the social skills too.

    I would never call someone nerd, just because s/he is a physicist. I'd have respect for him/her. All you need is self confidence.


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  • Women don't care about intelligence in their mates, they care about social perception of intelligence.

    Of course, a few select women actually judge intelligence on its intrinsic merits.