Why do some girls claim to be so nice on there profiles yet in real life that's not always the case?

I know a couple girls who on there social media profiles have put quotes up claiming there so nice and such. but both of them in real life are not always like that. is it that there trying to repair damage from bad encounters they have had in past or really believe there super nice and not the bitchy type a lot of people think they are? its like false advertising to claim they are so nice when they aren't always that way.


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  • I know very few people who don't think they're nice. You know your motivation more than anyone else so to you you'll always seem nicer. Just like when guys get rejected by girls they often blame the fact that they're "too nice" and "nice guys finish last". But those "nice guys" can often be real jerks they just don't see it!


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  • Don't believe it, if someone is nice why would they need to brag about it? For the most part you can be anyone u want online, apparently being nice is the cool thing to be.

    • I think it is a cool thing to do , I also wonder if these girls in past were told by others they were bitchy type and there trying to avoid that label so claiming to be nice. this one girl in real life can be a real bitch at times , she can be nice also but is a bit of both I've found

    • Anyone can be both, I learned if a girl is told she is bitchy it is like she will go out of her way to prove that she isn't. but in the end they all go back to their true nature.

    • I am female, I like being female, and I have nothing against other females but the one thing I always tell people is "girls are bitches"

  • I was laughing at this.
    And then I thought about it.
    I think it is false advertising, in a way. But would you rather approach a nice girl or a bitch?
    Girls want to be approached, so they play the nice card until they can get away with being bitchy.
    And besides nice people don't need to claim they're nice. Like smart people don't need to claim they're smart. They just have to show it.

  • A lot of people call me a bitch in real life but on here i'm actually pretty nice. Reason being... in real life i'm shy. On the internet i can be whoever i want to be. And i want to be nice. I am nice. But only people that know the real me know that. So.. i guess it's kinda like.. a chance to start over?


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  • Whenever someone bangs on about how nice they are I always smell a rat...

    "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

    • that's what I wonder , the one girl has a quote " kill em with kindness " on her profile but I mean she's not that nice in person , she's an ok server at local bar but honestly after a few drinks she's just like any other girl and found her and her sister didn't really treat me that nice , the one even blocked me after I sent her a genuine email asking what she was up to at college

    • don't let it bother you. I wouldn't!