How to not feel neglected by a guy that I've only been seeing for three weeks?

The man has three jobs and is starting, or restarting, college in a few weeks. He's only 19 and in the National Guard. He's been real busy and I never want to discourage him from working hard. I grew up with a father who didn't work half as hard as my boyfriend and I really admire that attitude about him. I know I'm not really a priority right now and maybe this is all coming from the fact that I met him online and we've only met once in person. And it doesn't help that I have low self esteem and he does to as he flat out told me. I just feel alone when I know I'm not. How can I hint to him that I'd like more contact without sounding overbearing or needy so early on?


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  • If your emotional needs are not being met in the relationship then you have to decide if you will stay in it or not. You can't make him change, you can simply tell him how you feel but with what you have described he doesn't seem to have much interest in making you or the relationship a priority. I'd say respect yourself enough to walk away from a relationship that it's right for you.. don't drag it out.

  • If you push this issue sweetie you are going to come off as selfish and needy. Just contact him via text or Skype when you can; please don't tell him or you will add to his already overly stressed to-do list out of guilt, or break it off when he knows he can't give you the time you need.