He has a girlfriend but he kissed me?

There's this guy that was in two of my classes this past semester. The WHOLE semester I've been sort of working on him doing the whole look over and smile if he's looking then look away thing girls do which he'd do the same back to me. Well finally at the end of the semester he adds me on Facebook only for me to find out (after some thorough stalking) that he has a girlfriend. This basically made me give up. Then after the semester finished I got tons of Facebook messages (that Facebook didn't send me till like a week after he sent them) from him asking if I needed a ride home (which is out of his way) or if I needed a study buddy for our two classes we have together. Finally the last message was him asking if I had any exams left which I didn't so I told him that and then we started talking and one thing led to another and we ended up making plans to see a movie. I paid for my own ticket so I assumed it wasn't a date. Then he took me out for supper and insisted he'd pay. Then we talked about his girlfriend and how she almost broke up with him the weekend before because she found he'd changed (since they don't go to the same college) but didn't break up with him because her exam week was coming up and the emotional stress would mess her up so she put them on a break but he was ready for her to break up with him. We hung out till 10 at my place just talking and playing board games. Then two days later he asked to see me again I agreed. He came over and we played in the snow and then watched fight club he bought me supper again helped me clean the dishes after making cookies and we cuddled a bit... Then right before he left we hugged and he held on to me and kissed me... I don't know I sort of like him but I'm holding myself back because i know he has a gf but he isn't really the player type. Am I a home wrecker? What should I do?

He broke up with her I'm not sure If it was yesterday or today but he told me it was over with her. I'm not planning on jumping right Into a relationship with him or anything but I do like him and he's a really nice guy.


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  • He needs to make a decision. Rarely do long distance relationships last and are replaced by near ones but those often end sooner or later (I went to university myself and witness this). It happens pretty much 100% of the time. I personally wouldn't get involved cause he seems vulnerable and you don't want him to regret anything cause he could leave you and go back to her or anyone else as it becomes habit for people, especially guys. It seems like cuddling makes him unfaithful to he and this could likely happen to you, based on my own statistics. So I highly recommend you stop this before anyone gets hurt... but it's up to you to make a decision.

    • what goes around comes around.


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  • He's either:

    1) Wanting to leave his girlfriend because he's emotionally checked out already but too afraid to actually pull the trigger
    2) A douchebag who's playing you so he can have some action on the side.

    Either way, step 1 for you should be to wait and not do anything else with him until he leaves his girlfriend. If he's really that into you, that should be motivation for him to finally break it off.

  • The way I see it is that he is ready to go with you and he is just waiting for the green light. The green light being the moment his gf officially breaks up with him he will look to make things official with you that's what I think and he clearly hs no feelings for his girlfriend.

  • he is trying 2 on 1 is he lol


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  • Whatever happened to self control and why did you let him kiss you when you know better?

    Do nothing and stay away from him if you don't want that label pasted on your face as a homewrecker

    • Because right before he kissed me all I was thinking to myself was "is it bad that I REALLY want him to kiss me" and tbh at this point I wouldn't mind because my point of view is if she's being a little cunt to a nice guy than why does she deserve him?

    • Hmm do you really have to demean his gf?

    • I don't HAVE to it's just my opinion