Friends or something more?

Do you think a guy and a girl who are friends and that are a bit shy around each other, can eventually get into a relationship? If so, will that relationship last? Because I'm kind of shy around this guy that I really like (and he might like me too) but it's hard for me to say things to him because I'm so nervous and shy around him. We do text and talk to each other, but sometimes I hit a point where I can't say anything at all when I'm around him and I don't want him to not like me because I get all shy/nervous. Would it be better if we're just friends? I feel like it's not going to work out because of me and that sucks.


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  • In EVERY SINGLE duo of a girl and a guy who are "friends" or "best friends" there is WITHOUT A DOUBT some amount of attraction and physical attraction. It's just natural, and it can't be helped, and that's how they became friends in the first place.
    Maybe subconscious but the attraction is still there.

    Also, I think the most successful married couples say that their spouse is their best friend.

    • Thanks for the advice. So what do you suggest for me to do? Or anything on this specific situation? Do you need more details?

    • You have to remember that he's only worth being with if you can freely talk about whatever you want with him. You should have no nervousness, and I'm sure you can learn to get rid of that if you can learn to trust him. Of course, he was to be willing to listen and understand you too.


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  • say friends as much as you can and Think about what will happend in the future :)


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  • If you can imagine yourself being with him yes. But take it slow, don't force anything it's okay. And keep in mind that the best relationships start as friends :D

    • Okay, thanks a lot! And yeah we've been friends for a couple of months, it hasn't been that long. But he graduates soon and I'll still be in high school, so I don't think there's any hope for me anyways :( hopefully we can still be friends