What am I doing wrong? Always being lead on?

I never lead someone on because I think it's deceiving and mean. I know what I want and I don't play games. I will not come and say I like you/I'm not interested, I will ask for a casual coffee/drink date and say no sorry if I get asked out by someone I am not interested in. I've been disappointed more then once, twice in the last 1/2 year of guys agreeing for a date and then bailing. I don't see anything wrong w/asking a guy out, if he's not crazy about it I back off and move on. If a guy isn't interested I respect that and I never ask him again (I usually delete the number). These two 2 guys though did agree to the date, one cancelled on me twice (last minute), I didn't contact him again, another guy recently cancelled our tentative date due to sickness and I have had very little contact w/him so far (I actually deleted his # lol), plus no attempts to reschedule. What am I doing wrong? It angers me so much when the guy makes 1st contact, I show interest and he bails. I don't believe in games, if I like someone and they like me, hey lets go out.


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  • You're not doing anything wrong, it's just bad luck. Maybe they thought it over and decided they weren't really interested and DIDN'T want to lead you on. Your personality/forwardness isn't for everyone. If you had been on a few dates before though, and then they suddenly stopped talking to you, I would call that being lead on. Be thankful you've not had your time wasted. Keep plugging away. It's a numbers game, and if they don't want to date, that's their loss.

  • I'm going through the same thing on my end. Guess it's not a gender problem, just people. Let's hope we turn it around!


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