What does love do to you?

like does it make you feel nervous, sick in the stomach, etc

no im just indicating my cycle I care > I get owned lol


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  • Yeah when you love someone you get butterflies, nervous when you speak to them, happy, always want to hear from them, can't wait to see them, the thought of them being with someone else makes you feel shakey and sick you dont want to do anything to make them unhappy, you insist on being the man and paying for dates because you want tp profess how you feel and provide for your loved one. All things like that lol

    • yep exactly it's all those things not sure on the butterflies lol :)

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    • I suppose, how does the other person not feel this way towards you?

    • Aww are you indicating maybe he doesn't feel the same way about me... i never considered that feel pretty shit now 😔


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  • Love is REALLY annoying, especially if the person you romantically love doesn't talk to you much, so it's basically a crush.
    You feel butterflies for no reason sometimes, you think about them constantly, you dress for them, try to get their attention even in stupid ways, you get that adrenaline feeling (that may be butterflies lol) in your chest.

    But what really hurts is when they seem like they like you, but won't ask you out.
    It drives you insane, your constantly nervous and sweating about what to do, think about having a date with them, think about the conversation you'd have that'd lead up to asking them out.

    Haha. If you don't know what it feels like yet, you probably will soon!

    Best of luck

    • Thankyou im glad that you feel like this too, haha but I think it's already to late for me.

  • love is crap.. it hurts you and can bring bad things to your life...

    • it's true, but I hope you don't want to be single forever, surely?

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    • @TaureanBull81 ; yeah i know,,, but faithful guys are so rare these days and i had shitty luck with my ex

    • @zombiebabe
      Keep an open mind when dating because the right guy may just come along when you least expect it ZB :-)
      Try not to dwell on your previous relationship. Look towards the future and remain as positive as you can :-)

  • It makes me nauseous out of excitement. Sometimes I feel sleepy and cuddly. Lol

    • haha, that's so awesome :D

  • Butterflies infest and lay eggs in ma stomach.

    • Cool in an educational type of way :P

  • Well there's new love and well established love.

    • What's the difference?

    • Well new love is very emotionally raw and exciting and passionate and overwhelming. Well established love is also those things but it's more of a slow burn most of the time. But there are deeper feelings I think with a well established love. You just find more and more things to love about them. It's wonderful being with someone for many years and still being surprised at how much you love them and finding new things to love about them.

    • Oh I see thanks for the explantion

  • I feel nervous but just seeing him brings a smile on my face.


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  • It makes me behave.

  • Love gives me butterflies in my stomach as well as making me feel excited and very happy :-)

    • didn't realise you where an Aussie to that's Awesome :D

    • @Asker
      I'm certainly Australian born and bred :-)