What's the point in love?

Seriously, what's the post in it all, dating, love, why bother with it? All it brings is pain, no? I've always been hurt in love, always, I have hated myself, obsessively hated myself because of it, I've hated the world because of it. Always fucked over and then getting to watch people blame me for it, friend zoned, rejected, dumped, that's all that's ever happened. Honestly, I think that 500 Hundred Days of Summer is the most accurate depiction of love, because, true love, happiness, any love, is all bullshit. There are no happy endings, just pain.


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  • Here's the issue. First thing is the definition of love. What most people call love isn't love. It's lust, infatuation, greed. A lot of people "love" others due to social status, wealth, self ego and image, sex and lust, etc. True love is where both partners work together in life. They stay together and solve things in GOOD AND BAD times. Love isn't temporary nor is it selfish or harmful. Love is kind. People nowadays are selfish and lost the true meaning of love. Now back to what you were saying, that's a good point. I mean look at the marriage rates drop and divorce rates sky rocket. I mean I see more men opting out and staying single. It's sad but it's reality. Especially with all these books and movies. We want to live a fake life and wear makeup and look good and rich and brag. Just self ego. We have to look at the incentives that make us do things. I am reading a book called Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Emma is a teen when her mother dies. She reads all these romance books and wants to be like Romeo and Juliet. She wants to have fun. Madame or Emma Bovary gets married to Charles, but later gets "bored" of Charles. Then she starts flirting with other guys and eventually she cheated on Charles. I am still reading it for a class in AP Literature but it's a good book. It definently related to today. I mean the book went to a real court case and they wanted the book banned and burned, but it didn't happen and they lost the case. It shows you what's happening today. It's like Sodom and Gomorrah. I wish you the best of luck in trying to find someone. I am trying too and I lose hope everytime I see and hear stuff like this and sexodus and cheating posts on gag.


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  • Some people can't live without a relationship

  • Because it is something to keep busy with in this boring life and people need to procreate. Lol Sorry that didn't really cheer you up, did it? I guess what you can do is go about life not expecting a happy ending because that is unrealistic. People will hurt you, but you have probably hurt yourself before as well. It diesn't necessarily mean they don't love you. You have to keep on trying without exoectations and see where it goes. That way you won't have your hopes crushed if things don't go your way.

    • Should I hurt other people?

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    • I don't mean physically, or, I didn't rather, just emotionally. Haha, just earlier someone said I'm one of the nicest people he knows, that he wishes more people were like me, but, in reality, I'm a monster.

    • don't hurt people in any way

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  • I agree, love is stupid and hurts us. Yet it's in our blood, dna, soul to feel it. Without love we would be weak because by hurting us it makes us stronger. It also helps us extend our family tree and prevents extinction of humanity. What happens to you is bad luck, bad people or maybe it's you. Maybe you do something wrong, untactical. Because love is like war. To succede

    • There have to be sacrifises. I recommend you to have hope. Thete are 7 billion of people on earth and at least 3 billion of them are girls. You will find your love one day. Patience and good luck!

  • of course love is pain for you.
    here's a question.
    do you love your self?
    if you don't, then you will never find a different face of love.
    try to develop the love for your self, then give it to others.

    • I wish I could, and, I try, I'm kind, positive, always seem to happy, I mean, sure, I rarely smile all the time, but, I give off an air of positivity, but, I just can't, can't stop hating myself.

    • well... that's remain me my past self. try to take different perspective by reading books, new activities, and make many friend. then you can realize how important you are.