Girls, would you end a relationship like this one?

Our relationship has always been edgy, like a cliff. We've had a strong connection since the
first date, but things ended unofficially many times, only to have him come back again.

The problem is he is Mr. Unavailable. He often disappeared, especially in the past. I made sure he is not married or so, and I heard it from him: he 'loves me but can't call it love because his life is crowded with things'.

He is runs a business and has to travel a lot. I only see him twice a month or so, though he often contacts me.

I know he loves me and he is afraid to commit,
but I see no future with him. We have been together for a year. I feel lonely, though. I never say I am in a relationship to anyone.

Should I just end it?


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  • Depends. Are you going to be happy if you get nothing but more of the same from him? If so, carry on. He's not going to change, so if you find yourself wanting something more reliable, I'd look elsewhere.

    • Not really- I don't see him changing at all. I know a man won't change. Now I am in a bad situation because half of me loves him and the other half says I might be losing a chance with someone else. I want to get married to a man I love.

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    • No problem. Like I said, easier said than done. Thanks for MH. It's been a while, how you doing with this?

    • Hi there. You're welcome:)

      Well I couldn't bear it again and I found myself sending him a long text saying how I am tired of this and that it's not fair to me to be with him while I even don't actually know if our relationship is sound. It hurt to do this again-like a warrior who had to cut off his arm to be safe. I am convinced nothing will change and I don't want to waste more time with him. Thanks

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  • dont stay with him he isn't worth your time

    • Thanks for your reply. It's nice to hear a man's viewpoint as well:)

    • its fine pm me if you want anymore help

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  • I'd end it..
    He doesn't seem like. he'll get it together, or that he's trying to make you priority..

  • A person makes time for who and what is important to them.

  • Move on. You shouldn't be with someone who is unavailable.

  • have you old him how you feel?