I am seeing this girl 20 I am 40, we both agree that our feelings are that of true love status, which we didn't think was possible. Is it?

I tried to stay away from this girl due to our age difference, but the draw was too strong. Our connection from day one is that of a soul mate. Plus, our mutual feelings are crazy strong like that of true love or something. Now, you must understand that all this is super uncharacteristic of both of us. Actually, until we met, neither of us thought these things were even possible. So, not only is there a 20 year age gap, there is also crazy feelings that neither of us can explain. How can this even happen? Is this for real? We both still believe these things to be impossible, but each and every day our feelings say different.

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  • "our feelings are that of true love status, which we didn't think was possible. Is it?"
    Like your nickname says, I-bet-your-ass-it-is. Sorry, I just couldn't help it.
    Look, I am going to answer in a serious way without sugarcoating shit. I do not consider a 20 year old gap healthy. Age is MORE than JUST a number. Differences in ages also mean differences in life experience.
    You will -even subconsciously- try to parent her or manipulate her. I know you will throw my opinion in the recycle bin since it disagrees with what you wanted to hear, but I had to share it.
    As for your poll... True love? How long have you been dating her?

    • Actually, if you read my entire question it states that i tried to stay away from her. The main reason for that is exactly what ur talking about and i agree. Yet, due to sharing very similar life events, share the same unique of the wall sarcastic views of everything projected outwardly in a comedic fashion all the while holding on to our very sensitive and caring personalities. You are right about the parenting, but you are wrong about who does it. Yep it is her. The effects of dramatic events that we share has had opposite affects on us as individuals. It forced her to grow up too fast and it stunted my growth. The details of life events we share is not something I wish to share with you. Either way I plan on pursuing this relationship as my feelings dictate. I do realize the little to no chance of a successful one, but that doesn't mean we can't be the that one. You are a smart girl and I appreciate your incite, but I refuse to be closed minded.

    • we work together, so our relationship started before we dated. Yet, to answer your question: we have known each other for about 8 months dating for 2 months.


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  • It's all just chemicals in your brain, man. If you're both happy, and you enjoy being with eachother, why even question it? Just enjoy it. Don't ask for permission. You're doing nothing wrong. Stranger things have happened in the Universe, than two consenting adults falling in love. Screw the age gap.

  • My great grandma married a man that was 50 and she was like 20. They had 18 kids and loved each other to death. Obviously she outlived him since there was such a big gap in age. My finance is like 12yrs older than me and I love him like crazy and can't see myself with anyone else. 4yrs strong and counting..

  • That's all up to y'all. If you two think it is then it shouldn't matter. She's over 18. She knows what she is doing. I see nothing wrong.


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  • There is a 10 year age gap between me and my girlfriend, we met online and are a huge distance and a different country apart. We still have not met, have been dating for two months and are madly in love.

    Crazy shit happens with matters of the heart, dude.

  • all i know is if i was her father i would so kick your ass!!!

    • I agree I would kick my ass!

    • so what else is there to say?

    • But i guarantee you if knew what I know and felt like I feel then you would understand what I am talking about when I say the impossible is possible. Huge change in opinion