I am 30 and have not had a relationship yet. People keep telling me something is wrong and that I should ask a pro for help. Are they right?

Should I be worried? Of course it s*cks not having a relationship, but I'm the kind that looks for THE right one, the love with a capital L to last for the rest of our lives. Also, I'm not an a**hole, and we all know women love a**holes. They do not want good or tender guys because they misperceive them as people who "use tenderness or goodness to hide the fact that they are not good in bed"... well, I've tried, fallen in love a few times but it was never requited; registered on numerous dating sites etc., but nothing works...

oh actually 31 :{D> haven't gotten used to that yet :{D> hope that doesn't change anything :{D>


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  • Chances of finding capital "L" love to last a lifetime aren't so good, if you're starting at 30.
    Only about 20% of women are capable of that, and most of them would have been snatched up in their 20s and will stay with the same man forever.

    For most of the remaining 80%, about the best you can count on is 4 years before they fall out of love, and there's nothing you can do to prevent or change that. It doesn't matter how much they love you in the beginning, or for the first few years. Let's get that out of the way first, by reading this link.

    I doubt that you need professional help, but you probably need to learn a few lessons and change your approach. You need to stand tall and look confident, like you own the world or don't care who owns it. You need to look people in the eye when you first meet them, at least long enough to see what colour eyes they have.

    There's a lot in this.

    Here's another quick course, and cheap enough. It's good on recognizing body language and signs of attraction.

    Work at it, and good luck.


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  • Don't be worried, just do your own thing until the planets align and you find your perfect match :b Seriously though, its much better being single than going through crappy relationships that you know aren't going anywhere. Not to say you shouldn't go on dates and take chances because that's the only way your going to find the right one.

  • The problem with guys who call themselves "nice" is they're just a bit too... available. They answer texts too quickly, they reply to texts too quickly. They send "how was your day?"/"good morning"/"good evening" texts way too much. It's not so much girls don't like nice guys - we sincerely do. But I can speak for myself, and I'm sure many others when I say don't be too "nice" too quickly. Message me one day, but wait for me to message you another day. It'll make me wonder why I haven't heard from you and get me moving to meet you.

    Also, if you're using online dating sites, escalate quickly! Talking to a guy with no hope of meeting up for weeks on end is boring. Give yourself 7-10 days max to get a girl on a date from a dating site. After you take her out, text her the next day and let her know you want to see her. Be a bit aggressive in your pursuit. Whatever you do, don't make her pay on the first date. She may offer, but definitely tell her you've got it.

    Be positive. Have a great smile and demeanour. And please don't tell her everything that is wrong with you on the first few dates!


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  • Look for the right girl. A shit relationship is worse then dry heaving out your asshole.

  • This is coming from someone who has been single till now. Just work hard and earn shitload of money, buy a ferrari and see women rain down on you. Please don't buy into this bullshit love crap. I know that money can't buy love and trust but I am dead sure a broke idiot will not find true love either. Nothing is permanent, not woman nor the love (money included). Work Hard. Play Hard. Live life king size.

  • I would try a dating site. or choose to be single.

  • Times like this make me hate being born male