This guy's signals are so alien to my brain, and I need some help?

I had a first date last night with an incredible guy. Important things to note: he's super traditional, and I think idealized me a lot before actually getting to know me. Our date went well, we talked about family, existential thoughts, and other silly things. He then went on this tangent about how he doesn't need to find someone because he is close with his family, and then asked me if I'm worried about finding someone, and then he said we will both find someone... I looked at him weird and he said "this doesn't meant that we can't be that someone for each other, I mean, I don't know how you feel about me." I then replied, well I think you're great! Then he didn't say anything and started talking about a girl he broke up with 3 years ago... but insisted he does not want her in his life. He was always complimenting me, he was touchy feely, he was SUPER fidgety breaking up napkins and ripping them and putting them into balls. He kept emphasizing what he wants in a woman. He said things that definitely pertained to me so it was as if he was dropping hints? I just got mixed signals, especially since he only kissed me on the cheek when he dropped me off at home. He mentioned wanting to see me again, and texted me when he got home. But I still have no idea what he is thinking, and what I should do next. I REALLY like him, so so much. He is so good for me. I just have been known to come off too strong too soon, and I don't want to mess it up if he is interested in being with me.


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  • He likes you too. He's just awkward when he's with a woman he likes


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  • He sounds shy.