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So this guy I like I just met I got his number and text him the same night we went to lunch the next day and we talked with each other for like an hour well I text him the next night as well and we talked for a while until I ran out of things to talk about so I just didn't text him back and today I didn't text him because I was thinking that I was maybe texting to much seeing how for the past few nights I have text him but he hasn't text me first it has always been me texting first is he just not into me and just being nice and texting back when I text him or is it that with me texting him every night he just waits for me to text him? What is going on what can I do to get him to like him


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  • It may have been set up for it to be the norm for you to text first, text him and somewhere along the conversation say that it would be awesome if he texted you first.

  • He may be like me and doesn't know what to say to a girl he likes. Or any girl for that matter.


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