So my girlfriend has been getting closer to this guy, I need some advise on how to handle it?

Sorry this is probably going to be a long story so bear with me. So my girlfriend has been friends with this guy since last year (we're in high school) but she's basically friends with everyone she's the outgoing girl and has a lot of friends that she isn't necessarily close to but can high five in the hallway or something like that when she sees them. She started getting closer to him when he started liking a friend of hers and she got involved with the whole thing and long story short the girl ended up rejecting her friend. Then they started talking more about it and stuff and how her other friend totally said she liked him but then said no when she asked him out. And one time when she was talking to him in the hallway right after class, she accidentally put her hands in his pockets (which is something she usually does to me when we're talking or hugging or alone together) and she flipped out about it and stuff and i was kinda weirded out by it and just assumed it just meant she was pretty comfortable around him. So then an incident happened where she kissed me on the cheek when i was leaving and a teacher that didn't happen to like me saw, so i got kicked off of the school wrestling team and put in lunch detention for a week. (we have a very strict no touch policy at our school-_-) so they've been hanging out at lunch because I'm not there and she's like shared her food with him if that means anything and she's started sitting at his table because the girl that he asked out is glaring at her because she is spending so much time with him. And her birthday came up and we were all watching a movie and she coincidentally ended up sitting by him and were mostly touching the entire time. Im a shy kid so she was talking to him most of the time too. She knows that i don't like him. But he's her friend so i try to respect that. She throws things at him playfully and also hits him playfully. I know all of this sounds bad but she is grateful to have me and i love her.


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  • Your very young so that's always tough. She's moved on and not treating you properly and not handeling the situation well. You do not need this shit. If you confront her I doubt you will sort anything out. I know this sounds patronising but the reason for that is because you are so young and relationships a really hard and you have a lot to learn.

    It will really hurt but my advise is dump her now, before you get more hurt when she cheats or makes you look stupid. Hold you head high and end it. Get your head in some sports and studies and music and learn your first skill and lesson in life on how to move on from some one you love and it will set you up for life.

    Just so know, it will get better for I'm currently super crazy for a shy quiet guy total crush! I even asked him out! And Im really nice and pretty hot (so iv been told;). .. There will be some else to love and someone to love you. dump her and come out of this mess on top, then move on and then meet someone else and become the winner that you are! Growing up is really really tough... take some advise and use the offer of support from the guys on here, you will need it.


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  • *advice* is the proper spelling

  • i understand where you're coming from bc im that girl too outgoing many friends and my boyfriend gets jealous too but if she spends more time with him than you there is a problem. I honestly think that she doesn't like you anymore. she's avoiding you, flirting with some one else, ignoring you thats not good girlfriend. If i were you i would just ask her how she feels about you and the relationship. so i hoped i helped you and good luck.

    • She spends a lot of time with me and i really love that, i just hate the "no touch" thing it really ruins school, I'm a really clingy guy and i hate that about myself, i only have one other friend she's like my second best friend along with being the best girlfriend I've ever had. I've never been closer to anyone not even my real best friend. Im being pretty irrational. Im just a little uncomfortable and i don't like that kid even if i try my hardest. They weren't really touching the entire movie just leg to leg kinda thing, it was hard because it wasn't a really huge couch and we had at ton of people. So thats an example of my like irrationanalability (thats probably not a word and if it is i didn't spell it right but whatever) anyway i love her. She throws things at all of her guy friends she has a lot of them i was just adding that so people would know.

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  • dude she is developing feelings for this kid you gotta be straight up with her, tell her "i am fine with you being friends with him but there is certain things you do that piss me off, You were sitting next to him and touching, you put your hand in his pocket and you share food, these are things you do with a boyfriend not a friend. i am not angry but can you please just stop. it gets me upset" tell her something like that

    If she tries to say that it doesn't mean anything or tries to rationalize the situation, you tell her that you understand that but it makes you feel uncomfortable and it has to stop.

    If she continues dump her bro, you are young and don't need this trust me in, highschool i had a girl and it was the same way, she started hugging this kid and spent a lot of time with him because her friend had a crush on him, they ate lunch together, when i was in class, and one day i went to go surprise her at lunch and she was sitting a little too close to him so i walked behind him put my hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "get your own girl" he got up and never talked to her again.
    I ended up breaking up with her a few weeks later cause she was so upset i said that to him but hey it needed to be done

    I was a tough guy in highschool lol, that may not work for you

    Good luck bro, if you need anymore advice just message me

    • She has a lot of guy friends and most of the stuff that i said is pretty regular for her. its just this one particular guy friend and I'm not sure why, maybe its because i don't like him

    • dude you dont like him because he is making moves on your girl and she is reciprocating she feels attracted to him bro, thats why she did the pocket thing
      trust that feeling bro you don't like him for a good reason

  • Talk to her about your concerns.