Are these good signs that this guy may like me?

I met a guy about a month ago and we hung out like 4 times.. by hanging out i mean we got coffee and went to a show and whatnot lol. We have kissed and gone only a little bit further than that. He made sure i was okay with everything first, so that was good. He is currently in Paris until Christmas and on break until the second week of January so it kinda stinks that i won't be able to see him. The thing is, he has been texting me at night and in the morning even though he isn't in the US. It's just small conversation (cause I'm mean obv we aren't gonna have a long conversation since he's enjoying his trip) and he's sent me photos of his trip. He's said things jokingly like I should go there and see him. Also.. I'm noticing that he remembers the small things about me and brings them up without me having to mention them.. also asked me about my last week of classes and stuff. Kinda just shows that he cares. My gut feeling is that he likes me. I've just had problems in the past though where guys lead me on constantly.

These should be good signs that he likes me right?


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  • He likes you. As for what. I can't tell. Care to give any more details? How you two flirted in the past? What did you talk about when you met up with him?

    • We talk about all kinds of things (music, and other things we enjoy. we've talked a lot about our families and other things like that haha) .. we have a lot in common so we always have good conversations. We only met about a month ago, but when we are together i definitely feel that there's a really strong connection between us in every way. I went back to his place two times, watched a movie and we made out and stuff, but nothing further than that. He was really sweet about it and asked if it was too pushy or whatnot. Side note, I may go visit him over break. I don't know what other details to give at this point though. I feel like it's going pretty well though and its clear he likes spending time with me.

    • Yeah, he's interested in a dating relationship with you. Sounds like he cares what your feelings are.


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  • Yes there are good signs. You do what you want to do. And he wants to remember and keep in contact with you. If he didn't he wouldn't. It is that simple.

  • Yup, looking good


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