I'm I right to feel rather insulted by this girls recent actions?

in person we seemed to be getting along better when I saw her in public mostly at local bars or pubs , we had talked numerous times and seemed to have a connection. but that connection never seemed to exist anywhere else and I couldn't get a single word out of her online , not a single reply to any of my messages or friend requests. I'm at the point where I feel rather insulted about the whole thing ,
I realise maybe she's busy and she's doing college in another city now but still she could of replied or at least added me as a friend. I realise she didn't have to add me but I feel it was very disrespectful to me not to add me and rather insulting as we seemed to be friends and in a small town most people add everyone they know . its like she's saying I don't trust you or I don't care to have anything to do with you


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  • She mislead u.
    some people do that.
    U have to gather urself and move on.

    • I don't feel she misled me rather she's not interested in putting any effort into trying to get to know me or stay in touch and seems to have a double standard towards me cause I know there's other people from town she added as a friend yet she wouldn't even reply to me


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  • maybe she was busy

    • I have no idea what she's up to as have no way of communicating with her , I guess she could be busy at college but I know during summer she wasn't that busy and had time to go to the gym and work out

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  • If she didn't add you or whatever, she's not that into you.

  • You have the right to feel insulted by whatever you feel is a personal wrong against you, but my advice would be to forget this girl, back off, leave her alone and find a new girl.

    • I forgot to add her one gf also did something similar to me a year or so ago so its not the first time a girl from this social group has done something that left me feeling insulted ( she had added me to Facebook but then refused to ever talk to me on that site or reply to messages ) . I never understood why these girls felt it was ok to treat me this way as I felt I had been nice to them and made a genuine effort to get to know them and friend requests were legitimate

    • I also forgot to add I've decided to stop trying to contact her online and won't be sending her anything else at this time. if I see her around town during holidays I might say hi but that be about it

    • That's the best way to be. Act like nothing has happened but don't go out of your way to initiate contact.

  • in person she's being nice, polite... doesn't necessarily mean she has feelings for you

    • I don't feel insult just cause she didn't want to date me , its also cause she seems uninterested in even being friends or staying in touch and we had been talking rather often during summer so confused as to why that is the case

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    • I just know she uses her various social media accounts regularly and enough time has past to say its more than likely she saw the request by now. I first tried to contact her on site in October got no reply than saw her at bar on Halloween and we talked and hung out and things seemed fine so didn't care much about message. then I tried again a few weeks ago and nothing from her , haven't heard or seen her since Halloween

    • I don't know.. u shouldve asked her if she seen ur message in October