Where is the fine line between not having too high standards and not settling for something you don't like?

I think my standards are too high for me, but at the same time I just can't lower them for a girl I have no interest in I feel like it's being inconsiderate to her. I want a smart, pretty girl who is somewhat cultured and a nice body. I'm trying to improve myself and I've done a lot over the past year but I still only attract girls I'm not into. What do I do?


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  • Git over yourself you should never take someone for how they loom it shows you are shallow and once women find this out you will be lucky if anyone looks at you. Because when people think they are better than other people it seriously can be noticed and its extremely unattractive

    • How the fuck am I shallow

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    • You probably are pretty to a lot of men, I'm not trying to put down anyone.

    • Sorry I just felt really bad for calling you shallow haha


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  • Keep your standards the way they are. If you are improving yourself to your taste, it's only fair to expect a chick of the same caliber or better.
    I will never settle. For me it's single for the rest of my life, my dream guy, or pets.


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  • You can't control who you like or don't, it isn't inconsiderate to not like someone because it can't be helped. I'd suggest you look around some more.