What makes the perfect girlfriend?

I always lose all my relationships, I haven't had many but the last one I recently just got out of was the happiest time of my life being with him in the beginning, I never felt so wanted and loved and amazing before. then I got really jealous and we always fought about stupid things and we were dating off and on but after that first little time together it was never the same again. But I still tried to make him the happiest, I tried to do everything, I tried to go out of my way to make him happy but it felt like he didn't appreciate it and he never bothered to see me when I tried so hard to see him... For all of the time we were together.

It's over now and his probably happy without me because I always waste people's time and I'm annoying as hell aswell as a jealous person which is a massive turn off.. I try not to be, guess im just insecure. But I do try my hardest not to be!! I hate jealously. Or i could of just gotten old, not exciting anymore... I don't know what I did wrong or how I changed :(

Is there any tips on how I can be a great girlfriend? That maybe I can have someone who makes me happy again without ruining it? If I do find another person :(


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  • Sounds to me you already know the answer, stop being so jealous :P
    Hopefully your next boyfriend will be very understanding of your jealousy, it will still be annoying but if he reassures you enough it hopefully goes away.

    • Just hard when he stopped talking to me as much and started being there for everyone else. But thanks

    • I know that feeling , for me personally it isn't really jealousy but them putting everyone before me.
      If its someone i have a close bond with i can't stand that and it causes me to end a friendship / relationship because it would only hurt.

    • Yeah that's what happens with me! Thank you! :(

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  • Basically stop being you.

    • Are you serious..

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    • Ahahaha whatever

    • It's true. You'll either press on or continue fall. That is life. Determination is the only thing holding you up.

  • Do some squats, and make guys hungry after dat ass

  • A girl who is loyal, down to earth, decent Looking and open minded

  • Yes. Read Song of Solomon in the Bible and then do what she does.


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  • Forget him. Don't change yourself because of him. He missed out.