Is he hiding someone? Should I cut him off?

Ok so I'm been messing with this guy for a little over 9 months now. We get along well we always have fun when we're together. He's a great guy in all. But I have some problems. My first issue is we started out using condoms and now he doesn't want to wear one. I ask him all the time to use one he says there's no point in using them. I told him since I'm only a friends he should use one. He said he trust me. Now since we've been seeing each other I have never been to his house. He's always at mines. Some nights he stay over other he leaves. I always ask to come to his house one mintue he says yes the next he ignores me asking. So I kind of distance myself because of this. I told him that since he hasn't invited me over he has a girlfriend at home. He says I'm always over the top with things. He insist that he's single and he doesn't want to invite me over because his house is empty and he wants me to be comfortable when I'm there. When we first starting talking he said he liked me more than just friends. He knows how I feel about him. I told him we can remain friends without because I think he has a girlfriend. . I think he's hiding his girlfriend. Should I cut him off?


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  • He could be telling you the truth about his place. If he cancels dates or isn't available for some communication then I'd consider he has a gf or wife

    • There are times when he don't answer his phone so it makes me think he's with someone.

    • Go over to his place when you know he's there uninvited

    • Sounds like a great idea I am Gona show up invited. And see if he leaves me outside.


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  • do not cut him off.


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  • Run for your life girl.
    Run far and fast.
    Don't bother looking back.