Should I let this guy meet my mom?

Im 17 & This 20 year old guy asked me out and i said yes but he wants me to tell my mom that he's taking me out & also wants to meet her when he picks me up i rarely bring guys around my family especially if we are still getting to know each other i just dont want my family all in my business questioning me or thinking he's my boyfriend but he says thats the only way ge will be able to take me out is this weird or should i just let him meet her


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  • It's best not to. You never like your girlfriends mother and she never likes you.

    • they always like the respectful son'bitch who's tryina bang their daughter, what are you talking about? lol

    • No, they don't. They always like the other guy who isn't the boyfriend.

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  • he is trying to be respectful. Let him meet your mother.

  • Looks like he's trying to be old school, with the whole meet parents for approval thing. If you like him, why not? could be an interesting experience :d

  • if you guys dont know eachother that well, even him knowing just your adress is really weird in my opinion


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