GUY ADVICE does he still like me, is he interested, what should I do?

So me and this guy have been friend for about a year and we grown really close.. We kissed before and have had late night conversations, cuddling etc. I finally asked him where do we stand and he told me he like us being friends, he likes to take his time and play arguing etc. that night he squeezed me tightly and we hugged for like two mins. Some days later he told he randomly told me I was "one of a kind", and he likes to flirt with me a lot. one day he randomly wanted to hug me so he lifted me in the air and started to hug me tightly. I don't understand why is he flirting now? Does he just want to be friends or his he trying to take things slow with me?


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  • This is an odd situation. If he liked you, he had plenty of opportunity to make a move and say so.

    • yeah was just now trying to get back to date after a year or two

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  • He wants to be friends, no commitment but he'll get what he can. It's up to you to be clear about what you will give and why.