Where can I find this type of girl?

Ok I'm attracted. To geeky girls gamer girls comic/anime girl or the emo ish girl sorta like. Taylor momsen.
the girls i live by are seriously hot but they are girly girl or ratchet or party alcoholic druggy types which is cool cause I'm young and there young. I'm 21 by the way
I find a lot of girls. Attractive but I don't talk to them cause I know for a a Fact they won't like the same things I like.

For example of the girl i think is pretty but would never date would be Ariana Grande looks ya know.

Ok really good advice guys awesome damn it only been 2 mins lol
oh another example for a girl I'm attractive to would be some like Meg turney, Taylor momsen, RayaGGG-Girl Gone Gamer . those types average girls to like emo ish sorry just try give you a clear picture of what I'm looking for


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  • Try anime cons like anime expo or maybe comic con or something. Try the library/book store in those kind of book sections. Club or even online discussions for those kinds of topics?

    • Sometimes I just even go hang out at a coffee/tea shop while wearing an anime shirt or with key ring or something and start a conversation with someone. Sometimes People recognize them and I have made friends that way. Also, I'm not sure about your area or if you are in college, but I have met a lot of people like that at my college. (I happen to be interested in that stuff, but I stopped wearing make up a few years ago, except special occasions).

    • Thanks for mh ^^

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  • Hang out in the library. ☺
    Maybe try a comicon or nekocon.
    Join a club for gamers or music lovers or something where it's not strictly male but girls with those interests might hang out.

  • Online games? Where you can chat with each other and stuff


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  • Not here:)

  • Lots in anime convention dude. They wear those fancy colorful costumes too. Easy to spot them