Can I fix this situation?

So this guy & I used to flirt all the time... then saw him on fb & added him & we started texting from there... he then asked me out 3 different times only to stand me up... so I deleted his # moved on & then he started hanging out at the bar I always go to (and he knows this).. staring at me... he got jealous because my date kissed me ( he got really upset & was staring then went and started talking to some chick in front of me & like looking at me... honestly I dont understand his behaviour I really liked him but he blew me off & I won't chase anyone, my date was literally a guy I go out with once & awhile when I'm bored... .. now this guy is back & he saw my date kiss me he probably hates me or I don't know what can I do? Is this in anyway fixable?


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  • He sounds very immature just be the iron lady and don't bat an eyelid. He is one of those guys that play with feelings and does whatever it takes to be the centre of attention. Do the troll a favour miss and don't feed him. You shouldn't even care considering he blew you off three times lol.

  • Asked you out 3 times and stood you up each time? lmao. You were probably like a 2nd-3rd option for him to get laid but now something happened and maybe he's regretting that decision. Either way, I don't think this guy values you too much


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