I only like him when we are in person, does that mean it's just lust?

I don't like this guy over text, or when we are apart. Like something just doesn't click for me. But in person I really like him, and kissing him and having sex.

He's more genuine in person too, he puts on a facade on Facebook and over text. It's just strange how he can't be his genuine self when we aren't in person. If you saw how he is on Facebook vs real life you'd wonder if he was the same person.

What's up with that? Does that mean I just lust for him if I only like him when we are in person?


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  • Sounds like he just turns you on. You don't seem to care about him in general.


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  • No, I think you said it yourself. His uncensored, unpremeditated self is pretty likeable, so you like him in person. That's not lust, it just means he gets a little douchy when he puts on airs and that's a turn off.

  • Well you don't love him I'd say, or you'd accept and love everything about him. That's how I feel. Probably lust