Will guys always be attracted and fantasies about other girls?

i was in a recent relationship, he had a thing for blondes that are petitte, as i am pearshaped brunette,... its just sucks so badly,.. his attraction towards other women,...

how can i deal with it?


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  • Guys are hardwired to want to have sex with all girls they can, but that is just what the animal part of the body says, the logical brain is what you should care about and it is also what he hopefully follows and by that does not go after his fantasy.


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  • Biologically, yes.

    But most guys that want and are in relationships will realize these are just fantasies/urges that the primal part of the brain wants.

    Choosing to act on your primal desires is all up to you.

  • It's not about hair colour I don't think or even a type. Personally I'm attracted to the unknown of a woman. How she smells, tastes, kisses, feels, moans etc


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