Could he actually be interested in me?

I've known this guy for some time now, over a year. We're friends but lately we just seem to be getting closer to one another and I've been developing feelings for him. To not be biased I really would like your opinion if you think he actually likes me. First let me tell you we're both rather different. An individual who I sorta know of but am not really friends with one read his status and my status and asked if we were dating and ended up telling me how she had feelings for him and they weren't reciprocated. He told her apparently at this point (which was while we were posting statuses that connected with one anothers..) told her that there was nothing that could be done about it now. I'm sort of afraid the feelings aren't mutual. ... Ever since November we've been getting closer and closer. He asked me for my number around Thanksgiving and we've been texting ever since. we talk everyday we are able to. He calls me his love, beautiful, queen, and he's always telling me how cute I am. We talk about whatever and it's random quite often. It's never boring. We're sarcastic sometimes and at points he's said "I have enough friends you're all I need", "Be Mine", "I want to be yours duhh". Although he's called me friend not too long ago. He's always telling me he loves me. He holds my wrist, smiles at me, hugs me, caresses my hair, and sometimes hints that he wants a kiss. /.\ He's called and said he just wants to hear my voice. He's goes on aim just to talk to me and I keep my phone with me just to text him. We find ourselves staying up just to talk to each other. I accidentally called him when he had asked for my number and texted and he was like "you can call me whenever you want to". We often flirt with each other. Could he actually like me?


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  • Yeah, sounds like he likes you. Just surprised he hasn't asked you on a date yet? Someone needs to start stating their intentions. 'I have enough friends you're all I need' sounds promising. He may be shy so you may need to nudge him in the right direction.


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  • And they say men can't take hints?

    • I just don't want me having feelings for him contribute to a bias.. I feel like he does but I wanted to see some other's thoughts. Thank you. (:

  • Sounds like he likes you.


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