I don't ever want to be in a relationship/date?

You talk, get to know the person, and find out they don't like you, rinse and repeat for the rest of your lyfe


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  • Just means you're weak... We all experience disappointments in life. It's all a part of the life experience. If you want to sell your self short in life and not experience one of the best aspects of life then by all means... Don't. You're not hurting anyone but your self. Good luck.

    • I wouldn't see it as hurting myself, more like avoiding others that clearly don't like me, and having a better future

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    • What I mean by hurting your self is that you'll see family and friends with somebody that truly make them happy while you're single because you're afraid of getting hurt. Sweety we're ALL afraid of someone hurting us. But the desire to want to love and to be loved in turn is far greater than the desire to want to be alone forever. We're social creatures and crave companionship. You'll feel the full force of your mistake far later in life when you have no one to keep you company. Just think about that...

    • Ok I will think about it, thankyou for your opinion, and good luck too


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  • Then don't.

    • it's not like I don't, im just saying, it's annoying when you like someone and they don't feel the same way, and you keep repeating yourself, hopefully to connect with someone.

  • Haha well you can't look at it that way.. Look at them as learning opportunities.

    • learning opportunities to stay away lol. of course keep trying until one day bam what just happened

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  • I feel you there! But you're still not 'old', so you can keep your hopes up.

  • With that kind of attitude yea sure. There are tons of girls who would date you but im sure you set your standards way to high for someone who can rightfully complain about no girl liking them.

    • my standards are extremely low actually, im not saying no girl, im saying the ones I've met.

    • Join some dating sites and trust me you will find a girl as long as you keep reasonable standards for someone who says no girl likes him.