Should I text a girl that likes me?

She told me friend she likes me, and I kinda like her too. We talked on FB for few hours, should I text her again? I don't want to sound too annoying and desperate, should I wait for her to text me first?


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  • Text her first. Go for it!


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  • text her first. Girls love that and tell her good morning in the mornings too

    • wouldn't that be creepy i have seen her like once in my life

    • lol not really, a guy tells me everyday good morning and we have never met. He has seen pics of me and thats it. We met on a game and we're friends but we thought about dating. Like we had cyber sex and we sext a few times but he tells me good morning every morning and its nice to know someone cares.

What Guys Said 1

  • Of course not, why would you want to text the girl you like?

    Don't text her today as you've already talked for hours on FB, wait till after tomorrow and send her a little text.

    • But what should we talk about so it doesn't get awkward

    • don't think too much about what you're going to talk about, let it come to you when you call, otherwise it really will get awkward.