Dating best friend and I'm lost?

So I've been best friends with this girl for three years. After a while I started realizing that I really liked her and she brought up the idea of us dating a lot. Well last month I finally asked her out and we have gone on three dates since. The issue is that now she doesn't know what to do. The last guy she was in a relationship with was her best friend too and he ended it badly. She's afraid that us being in a relationship would kill our friendship too. She says she doesn't know how she feels about me and doesn't know what to do, but would like to see us work. She says she doubts herself and doesn't know why anyone would like her and doubt's that anything can go good in her life. I've tried explaining that I wouldn't hurt her like that and that I don't mind her flaws. So I'm lost. And of course now I really really like her and going back to just friends would be difficult if not impossible for me. I don't know what to do. We've got a date this weekend and I don't even know if we should go or what to do. Advice how to approach this? Am I just wasting my time or is it possible one day she could actually see me as something more? If she isn't feeling that much after the last dates because of her past issues, will she ever?


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  • She needs to not let past relationships effect her relationship with you. You should get a clean slate, a fair shot. If she doesn't know what she wants and is lost, its best to give her time to find out. Its a waste of time to be stuck in limbo. Ask her "do you want to be with me?". Its a yes or no question. Its simple. If she says yes, then nothing else matters, over time doubts and insecurities will work themselves out. If she says no, then you know where you guys stand.


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  • If you two were only friends you two weren't dating my friend.