How often are attractive people rejected?

Jut curious on the results


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  • I'll be honest, I'm not ugly. I actually don't get approached that much and have been single almost a year now. And usually, when I fall for someone I actually get rejected later on. Maybe its my luck, or who knows. But I've had 2 out of 3 ex's say they never loved me/broke up with me literally right after saying it. I kind of just stopped approaching guys because they think I friendzone them or don't like me as much I like them. But hey, this isn't the end of the world.

    • I ask because some girls say I'm attractive but I never get approachedby girls so I figured I would see how frequently attractive people get rejected

    • Oh my god girl! You and I have literally the same problem! I understand more than you know!

    • People just probably assume you are out of their league, you're unapproachable for whatever reason, or maybe just think you friendzone them. With you being a guy, some girls (meaning most) expect the guy to approach them.

      Girl I feel you on so many levels if this is you :)


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  • It depends on the level of attraction. If they have a beautiful personality, and they try to hit on someone who is superficial and only date people with beautiful bodies, they'll strike out.

    If they have a pretty face, and they're obnoxious, they'll fail trying to land a "nice" guy.

  • Just because someone is attractive doesn't mean they're everyone's type. A lot of women think Johnny Depp is a very physically attractive man, for example, but I wouldn't go after him.

  • I think it depends on gender. Good-looking men likely get rejected but good-looking woman never do.


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  • Not that often.

  • Globally it probably happens somewhere every few minutes. I can imagine a sad advert now with a violin playing and the narrator says "every 5 minutes an attractive person get's rejected, please text "bitterness" to 12345 now and give just a small amount to this worthy cause! with your help we can wipe out rejection" HAHAHA