Why can't I let go even though she has?

So I like this girl and lets just say I'm 100% sure she doesn't like me nearly as much, I think she did at one point because she started flirting with me but I don't now though. Why is it that I can't seem to let go of that chance things will work out when there is pretty much no chance and more importantly, knowing that she doesn't really care for me like i do for her, why do I still keep caring about her a lot


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  • It just takes time. I have the same issue now with a guy. I know how you feel, it sucks but as time goes on you'll forget


What Guys Said 1

  • honestly, im the same way. I was the same way with this girl hannah, and she moved on, but I still feel like I like her wayyy more than she likes me back, which sucks. I dont think its common for a guy to feel this way, but guys like us are a rare catch in my own opinion. If you meet the right girl, this feeling of not being able to let go will benefit you in the relationship.