How do I avoid the friendzone and the FWB?

Honestly it seems that guys swing in extremes for me. Either they see me as a buddy or they want to fuck me and that's it. What gives?


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  • do you mean they are reading things wrong?

    • I tell the guys I am interested and then they tell me they only see me as a friend. OR the others just want to sleep with me.

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    • That's what I am trying to figure out. My friends say I'm awesome and stuff but then the guys... of course the guys who only want to fuck me think I am awesome but I really want a relationship not friends with benefits .

    • sure thing well add me as friend and if you ever need some advice or a chat just message!


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  • Set the ground rules first and simply state what you're looking for. Tell these guys that you're wanting more than just an friends with benefits relationship. If they don't hang around then you can see what their intentions were.

  • Try just dates for a while. He wants to get you in the bed before even a week is over, he's done. But before your guy decides to lose interest in you with the friend zone, get intimate with him.

  • Stop flirting with players and find some guys who want serious relationships.

    • He said he wanted to meet someone but not sure, maybe he was a player...

    • In my experience, a lot of girls gravitate toward players because they get addicted to the drama they bring. The only problem is that players don't care about your feelings.

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