I kinda like this guy, but he's a little bit "white trash" in lifestyle. What do you think?

I'm dating a guy I kinda like, but I'm not sure I want to get serious because he lives what could be called a "white trash" lifestyle...

Hear me out - it's not do much a money thing as it is stuff like having a bunch of friends & family in jail, not wearing clean clothes and showering, lots of weird situations.

I don't feel better than him - hell Iived in a trailer as a kid myself. I just don't know if I can get wrapped up in all the drama and shabbiness that seems to come along.

I like having a clean house and clothes. I like eating healthy instead of deep frying. I don't want to deal with bailbondsmen and court all the time... He's a good guy, but entrenched in this way of life.

What would you do?


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  • Look, he may be a decent guy overall. But there are millions of men, and of those millions, you'll have plenty of men to choose from who don't have those kind of issues. Why play with fire when you don't have to? Why not demand something better for yourself?


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  • This is your decision. And besides a boy who doesn't shower is a boy who doesn't (or shouldn't) expect girls!

  • he might have a personality like that.

    • Thsts what I mean. It's a culture thing. Should I risk my losing those things I enjoy so much for a guy? I can't decide...

    • don't risk loosing what's on your list. I think it makes you you.

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  • Get out while you can. What do you see in him? Because he is nice? Because he is a good person? A lot of people are nice and are good people.

    I know you might feel responsible as you might have lived a similar life like him before but the point of life is to get comfortable. Sooner or later, I assure you that you are going to get sick of him.

    I live in Australia and there are certain types of people called 'bogans". These are the Australians that are extremely aussie, beer guzzling, white trash types. Kind of what you would call a redneck there.

    I am a classy lady with taste so I would never go for them. Not my type.

    I think you should better yourself and go for a better guy. You are going to get into sooo much trouble that your head would never comprehend how much trouble you will get in. Just run.

    • He has fantastic character. But it's like he's stuck taking care of all these people who have issues. I admire his kindness, but I don't know if I have it in me to get into all that. I'm just not as big hearted, I guess.

    • Well then you answered your question. As I said, there are plenty of kind guys too. I think his type would be well,,, his type.

  • Oh good, he deserves better anyways.