What do you think about getting to know a girl, but she's so shy?

What would you do? If I really like someone there's days that I don't stop talking and days I can't get anything out of my head and don't speak up. It's when I really like the person that I do this and I become super nervous. How do I break the habit? I mean I ALWAYS end up warming up when I know exactly where we stand and how they feel but before that I get weird. Would you be turned off by this or do you think its kind of cute, or not worry about it?


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  • I would find it SUPER cute not just kind of! Let him know how you feel when you feel the time is right. Just don't wait for too long cause he might think you're NOT interested. That's how it was for the best and longest relationship I've had. We really liked each other but were too shy around each other and we both thought it wasn't a mutual liking. So I simply "broke the ice by just approaching her and telling her that I really really liked her. And then asked if I could hold her hand next time we hung out and I just asked her if I could hold her hand and she delightfully Yeahh..! in the SWEETEST CUTEST VOICE ever omg lol and from there we progressed quickly into a relationship that lasted about 5 years. If I never got the balls to approach her in the first place I would have missed out on the best girl who had ever happed to me. So try not to be shy! Easier said than done I know but you don't wanna miss out on a potential long-time lover who you guys get along so well and maybe fall in love like I had. Don't wait until he gives up! He might just really like you too but also too nervous to say anything, Hope this helps :) I'm really enjoying this site. I love giving sexual and relationship and whatever else advice to you young women.

    • I'm usually a very outspoken, outgoing person. But I just clam up haha. He know's how I feel, he seems to be okay with it but I feel bad because I know how I am and I want him to see the best side of me. Aww. That's hard. It's not really like that because we have a major attraction to eachother when were around eachother I feel its almost magnetic. that's so cute! haha. that's seriously cute. I know I'll open up, I've just always been like this. I appreciate it! I'm a great girlfriend, I've always been in long term relationships and I seem to be somewhat desired by people, I just want to make the ones i care for happy and then I just get nervous.

    • Hmm I overcame my nervousness with confidence haha but I'm a guy so it's a little different I think. When girls are shy us guys find it cute. Other way around and it's just awkward. Just don't lose a chance because of your shyness. I overcame my own shyness back in high school but forcing myself to talk to pretty girls and it's almost always rewarding and as time progressed I got more confident now I can approach strangers and compliment them on the spot and even kinda flirt with more than one girl at a time if she has a friend ;) (Everyone I know knows me as the nicest guy they know who couldn't be creepy if he tried xD) Now in my 20's I have no fear or shyness around any girls (or guys cause I ike them too lol) I figure if I don't say hi I might miss out on somebody who might have been compatible with me so I never pass up the chance to talk to someone beautiful and tell them how pretty they are. So at worst I leave with nothing, but who knows right? Again I hope this helps!


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  • ill keep trying with her. that's about it really.

  • Shy pretty girls only increase my curiosity, so it not bad at all.


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