Dates and paying? how does it work?

i have a lunch date... I've never been on a date before... do i just assume he won't pay for me and reach for the check. if his not paying for me do we split or how does it work? I've been to this place before and its like 40 dollars for a salad. i can afford it myself but im just not sure how you split a bill at such a expensive place


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  • always play the check game. reach for the check and let him cut you off and pay for both if that is his intention. don't ever assume he will pay for everything.

    • yeah i definitly won't just sit there and wait for him to pick it up haha but when i do reach for it and he doesn't offer to pay do i just put my amount down? it would be all added up already haha so would we just split it in the middle?

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    • You guys tend to be pretty stubborn about this @BertMacklinFBI. One thing though, you appreciate the effort.

      I insist on paying if I am not having fun and am sure I don't want to see him again. Pretty good indication you are getting the awkward side-hug and "thanks, that was fun, good night" from me, lol!

    • @becca123 if its a date im always down to pay. im just traditional like that i guess hahaa.


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  • Why wouldn't he pay for both?

    • i dont know but i dont want him to think he HAS to or that im the kind of girl that expects him to pay. how do i find out if his going to pay? do i get my money out and wait for him to say something or?

    • In my opinion he should pay for both. If he is not the kind of a guy who will take care of you, what kind of guy do you think he really is? If I had a daughter and she dated a guy who didn't pay for both, that would be a strike against him. I don't care if 99% of all men did it at the time.

    • @thetundrawolf, he most likely will but this is a balancing act. No girl should ever just sit there and expect it, she should at least make the obligatory check grab or pull cash out. He then will wave her off, she offers again, he denies her and she thanks him and puts her money away. A dance as old as time, lol! I have forced guys to take money when I had no intention of seeing them again.

  • You just ask him straight up.

  • Real men don't let their GFs to pay.

    He shouldn't have chosen such a place.


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  • Opposite... assume he WILL pay and try to intervene. When the bill comes reach in your pocket, have cash in hand, and say "Let me get my part. . If he accepts, cool, give him half the bill. If he doesn't, try one more time and then thank him graciously and offer to get dome after dinner drinks or ice cream or something.

    Some guys get MEGA offended by a girl wanting to pay, so handle it with grace and subtlety.