How to get him to ask me out in 24 hours?

Ok so this guys aka crush was my best friend for the past 3 years then he skipped a year and we fell apart as friends but we flirt a lot when we see each other like hugs and laugh and he gets nervous when he is talking to me and im with people its cute! He knows I think he is hot and he thinks im hot too so how can i get him to ask me out iv got 1 day which means 1 break time 10 mins to flirt or suggest something HELP


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  • No problem:
    It depends how you want to approach it, whether you want to be confident all out, subtle and hinting, or do pull him into a solo act: let me explain, by the way these have all worked for me before ;)
    If you want to be confident, since you know there is mutual attraction so if ur right u shouldn't be shot down, say ur doing something later and ask if he wants to come, or invite him to do something with u
    Movies is safe, but u could also walk around the town or grab a bite someplace

    The subtle and hinting may imply it to him, but may also become quite obvious if u pull it off wrong
    Say like ur mate cancelled so uve got a spare ticket to the movies or something, or that u could pull the cute and innocent move and say ur all alone this afternoon or have nobody to go and do this with

    The third option which is probably the safest is to say ur meeting up with some girls later, and ask if he wants to bring some guys, this way you become popular with both parties for organising it, and get to spend time with him. Later you can peel off with him or be the last to leave, if you trust ur friends you could ask them to distract the boys, split up or to make the boys leave early
    Good luck and i hope this helps! :)


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  • Just ask him out if you want to date him so bad. Two things will happen, he will say no because he doesn't see you that way or he will say yes... or you could keep carrying on waiting for him to ask you, and it may never come for whatever reason. (being shy, not being into you, has hots for someone else)

  • If you've only got that long, take your window of opportunity while you can. Just ask him, no drama.

  • What's wrong with you asking him out?

    He's nervous because it's the whole , "I don't want others to see I like her" thing.

    If your up for it, squeeze his rear when you hug him. If he really does like you, hopefully he'll get it.


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  • You could ask him out