How do you get a girlfriend that will stay with you throughout high school, college, and marriage?

I am having a tough time getting a girlfriend.


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  • Well I'd say it's what a lot of girls dream. Finding one that is compatible with you is the hard part and I don't think there is a trick to it.
    You can get lucky obviously.

    If I had to say one thing it'd be, don't go for the prettiest girls only. Go more for the quieter ones that aren't always the center of attention


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  • Everybody has their match! I'd probably be that girl you describe above, to whoever I date!!

    • I guess I could summarize it down, so basically I pretty much won't date, just anybody, I have my eye on 3 guys right now, pretty much when someone hits me up, I tell them I taken, like I have to know you, see you, watch how you treat kids, and animals so on and so forth.

  • Find a loyal one everyone has their match you just have to find yours


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  • You don't get one, it's not a game, competition or compulsory thing to do in life
    If the right girl comes, everything comes into place around that
    Don't go seeking out someone with high expectations, it won't end well
    If someone right comes along, she'll like you and you'll like her
    Hope this helps! :)