What do you do when a guy starts fading on you?

We met, it went well, we made plans, he said he didn't want to fade because i was cool and that it would probably be easy for him not to fade because he liked me. he said he really wanted to keep in touch, but we're both shy people and he said he gets anxious after meeting people and he didn't want to lose contact. then... almost immediately after... the fade begins. i really like him but i know when guys start asking me what's up during a fade it freaks me out and i don't want to do that. do i just wait to hear back? assume he's busy? move on? i've always been the fader... its never been the other way around so im kinda confused. how do i proceed from here after an abrupt end to the texts and chats? :(


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  • Wtf is a fade... a haircut? Or is he playing basketball?

    • haha i guess its that too... its when you meet someone, go on a few dates, and then slowly stop contacting that person.

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  • Time to give him a little no contact and see if he comes back. Don't confront, you will only drive him away. See if he initiates contact; could be a day, three days... if he is still into you he will contact you.

    I would send one more "hey what's up, how have you been" so he knows you are still interested in maintaining the friendship (and only because he has told yiu he is this shy and awkward), then let it go and see what happens.