If I call a girl a few (literally 3) times over a couple of days and never get an answer or call back, isn't that grounds to keep it moving?

I've been trying to call her to ask her out on a date. I don't see her much anymore since she left the club she used to work at. I asked her once when she did work there and hit me w/ the member/staff dating clause. I wanted to ask her over the phone (def not by text) but she doesn't answer or call back.


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  • Did you leave a voicemail or does she know that it's you who's calling? If yes and haven't gotten any response, then I would say move on... if she's interested with you, you should've heard back from her (call/text) even if she's busy or not..

    • I haven't gone the voice mail route, but that would fall under my fourth attempt at this point. Is that still applicable? i just feel like over a span of 48+ hours, you know I called you.. regardless of reason.

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    • Ah, I see. It's a cellphone that I called and she's already had my number so she must know, I'm presuming.

    • Worst thing I'm thinking is she don't have caller id... lol anyways, if she have your number and she's interested with you, even you call her or not, you should hear back from her... if not, don't bother anymore.. again, move on..


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  • Move along, nothing to see there.

    I wish people could be more honest with us, though. What an aggravating waste of a couple of days.


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  • Drop her, if she calls you in a week or so, there's no reason not to see how it goes, but you definitely have grounds to move on.