Lingerie + coat + 'film night' =good/bad?

I'm going to a guys house I am kinda seeing. We have had sex before, but not for a little while now due to circumstances.

He's rather raunchy though ;)

I'm debating going over in a coat or lingerie. The sex is sexy, cream with a suspender belt... What are your opinions:

  • Hot! Go for it!!!
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  • Hot! ... But the cream might be a little bridle :/
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  • Hmm... Kinda like the idea, but wouldn't for X reason
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  • No way! Way too forward/slutty
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  • Depends on what you want from him, if it's just sex you're after and you are sure he will like it, I'ld say go for it ;) If you want something more with him, perhaps put on the sexy lingerie but also some nice/sexy clothes. That will still give him the pleasant surprise or lingerie when you go to bed with him, without it only being about sex as soon as you walk in


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  • Sounds hot. Do it!

  • What @girl-1234 said. What do you want from him?

  • That seems rather tacky to me. I wouldn't be particularly impressed if a girl turned up to my door step dressed like that.


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