How to get back my exgirlfriend?

Well me and my exgirlfriend are coworkers. She broke up with me two weeks ago and i really want her back. My exgirlfriend saids that she will never speak to me again as long as she lives but she posts about me on Facebook and tell her best friend that she misses me. But her best friend tells me that she will get a restraining if i ever talk to her no matter what. she message me saying that she wants to wait about two months but wants to get together. I dont know what to do all her friends hate me but i truly care for her and want her back in my life. How can i go about doing that?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Release her and if she is interested, she will reach out. This isn’t about her friends as no relationship is. Not a real one anyway. If she let you go, let her be the one to reconnect. Period. Until then, you will just have to ignore the gossip. People can break up and still miss one another. It doesn’t mean they want you back necessarily, but let her miss you and she can make a decision on her own without your influence. That is what real men do. Don’t obsess over it. Instead, take that energy and go to the gym and take on a new hobby. You’ll be glad you did.


What Guys Said 1

  • Missing you is one of the stages to moving on. Doesn't mean she wants you back, especially if her friends discourage her. Say what you feel asap and if doesn't work out say you care for her... then friend zone to avoid awkwardness at work