Boyfriend cheating.. ?

I caught my boyfriend cheating on me...
Yesterday I talked to his girlfriend while he's sleeping, they've been together for 7 months , even though we've been dating for almost a month...
The only thing that makes me feel less mad is that she's from another country/continent ( a long distance relationship) ..
what should I do now? he still doesn't know that I figured it out? ? ?


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  • he is enjoying the best of two worlds, why would u want to be with someone who is already in a relationship? even though they are long distance. u seriously see future with such guy?
    i wouldn't want to be with a fickle minded guy.

    • I don't want to stay with him anymore , but I couldn't find the right way to tell him so... I'm so damn mad , I just want to punch him right in the face :3

    • learnt a lesson from this. just tell him u prefer someone loyal :) and want to end it


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  • Leave him and be done with it... it's your job to tell the other girl

  • Well, in my opinion, without knowing, he cheated on HER. I'm sure BOTH of you are pissed and will be having an interesting conversation with him,


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  • Dump him and the other girl deserves to know too!

    • she's the one who told me that they're dating hh

    • OK sorry I didn't pick that up.