Why is there still racism?

Racism is one of biggest forms of separation among us humans and is pathetic...

I have a question for the latino's why are some Latinos racist against blacks? The white kkk crews look at any race besides white as colored people so Latinas get the same treatment.

I just started dating a Latin woman super sweet and we compliment each other well... The only thing thats in our way is her parents... I'm black and they hate black people. She told me if she were to marry a black person her father would disown her and she has a cousin who was disowned for marrying a black person proving her parents are serious...

See that's funny because her ex husband was white and she married him to keep her family happy and that only lasted a year because he abused and cheated on her so what makes the white guy better?


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  • There will always be racism as long as we continue to only recognize one side of the racism equation.


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  • Ignorance, ugliness and stupidity?

  • Because humans are animals. No matter how hard we pretend to be above other animals we are still creatures programmed with primal instincts. Racism is a primal trait. Sticking to your own meant less risk of danger during our evolution.

    • I guess because I'm mixed with Asian and black I don't grasp that way if thinking lol

  • As long as someone looks different than someone else there will always be discrimination.