A 14 year old girl and a 17 year old boy?

So, this is going to sound so stereotypical and cliche and all of that but...
my best friend i love her, she's a black girl that lives up the the sass stereotype and she has a twin brother
I've never really been to her house (for reasons she would NOT appreciate me going into) so i had never met her brother
i mean i knew she had one and i knew they were twins but i never met him
so the other day before the concert (my friend and i are both in the school band) she was playin around with my glasses (i look much prettier without my glasses) and someone told me my brother was in the hallway. he was but he left almost immediately. her brother saw me on my way back to the band room and he said i looked nice (cuz concert clothes we have to look nice) and i was like wow thanks strangers never compliment me i rarely get called pretty (thats true) and he was like wow thats mean so we were hanging out before the concert flirting with each other because he didn't know each other and didn't think we'd see each other again and he asked my name i told him i asked his and i was like uhm thats besties brothers name and i was like are you my friends twin he said yeah i was like uhmmm uh oh
so when i went to get my glasses back from her and told her what happened she was TOTALLY on board with it and i was like cool
so the next day we saw each other in the hall and were like hey and he walked me to class and we brushed hands like flirting way more obviously than the day before were both making it obvious were into each other but he's turning 17 in a week and im not turning 15 till march is this age gap okay? or weird?

  • Do it! Love has no age!
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  • Little weird for high school bruh... sorry
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  • That's not a bad age gap at all! If you like him go for it. Don't worry about what others think.


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  • I'm 15 and my girlfriend is 13, so think this scenario is absolutely normal! I've been with my girlfriend for two and a half years now, and we're not going to break up anytime soon. Don't be discouraged by age! Love can blossom, no matter what the situation is! I wish you and your boyfriend the best!

  • damn, you must be illegal at 14 :-/

  • You'd better study and play with guys your age

  • Better check the age of consent in your state or your boyfriend could do a disappearing act disappearing behind 4 prison walls.

  • You really needed an option that said, "My post would have been MUCH easier to read with proper punctuation."

    Stick with your studies and leave the guys alone for now.

    • well it was on a phone and i hate punctuating on a phone so whatever

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    • Well, in that case,


      Happy now?

    • ur almost right i wanted to know someone agreed with me that its not like REALLY weird but i also wanted honest opinions

  • I say no but other guy who was 18 had a 14y old as gf and it worked out for 6 months till he cheated on her (till he actually got caught 😂)

  • Um, sorry if this offends any brown people, BUT - You should focus on your studies instead of trying to get knocked up by someone who probably won't be able to get a job even with affirmative action...

    • but im not tryna get knocked up i won't have sex until im at least out of high school and any guy that doesn't respect that isn't for me anyway

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  • I'm 14 and my bf is 27 :p
    Hahah we don't do anything but kiss, and hang out. nothing more.
    Also where I live it's legal