Do you agree it is annoying there are so many stuck up women on dating sites? So many of them calling themselves princesses, etc?

Meetme. com, pof, etc. has a lot of females that call themselves''princesses, queen, etc'' near there name. And you look at their pics and you can see the way they are posing they think they are God's gift to men. It is so annoying and such a turn off.


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  • I'm not on any dating sites but it sounds like a pretty arrogant and shallow attitude, and similarly folk (applies to girls and guys) on GaG asking for folk to rate them or their various body parts, could they be anymore narcissist or Ego desperate? I just ignore them.
    What is the world coming to? This actually makes me sad.

    • Yeah stuck up people of both sexes are annoying

    • I had to laugh earlier, there is someone on here somewhere asking people to rate her ass!
      why? She's fishing for compliments and needs people to feed her ego. I can't think of any other reason.

    • Is she good looking?


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  • Then don't date them.

    • I don't date them, I am just saying it is annoying how there are so many of them on online dating

  • I hate those women too
    Annoying AF
    And I hate the men who do this too
    Annoying AF


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